Monday, April 27, 2015

lorraine crescent ten years ago: 'it was foggy this morning, and jols' (27 April 2005)

It was very foggy this morning in fact as Mia pointed out there was also a lot of smog too. I was driving along Citylink and on my left I could see the tops of buildings obscured by smog/fog/city was on fire. It has been a bizarre April. By the time April comes around I am used to it getting chillier and more to my liking, but it has been very warm every day. A week ago they were saying the second hottest April ever on record but I reckon now it's going to be the hottest, unless the next few days are 0 degrees or something which would bring the average down. I get paid today.

When you read in the papers in a few years' time that Jols cause the body to eat its own organs, think of me dying horribly, as I am the world's no. one Jols consumer. I have almost exclusively alternated between forest fruits and blackberries, but as I write I am on some orange ones. I don't like them as much as the others (that was predictable). I would certainly like some apple Jols though. I would also like to know where Jols come from, as this is about the only edible item (I can't call them food) that I know of which does not state this on the box. The box says they are 'packed in Australia using local and imported ingredients'; since the only ingredients is a bunch of Jols, this doesn't even make sense (unless the packaging is included as part of the product, which would be stupid). The place they come from must be horrendous for it not to be listed on the package, but I was under the impression that this was even illegal. I suppose I was wrong there. I wonder what Jols stands for? Just Our Luscious Selves? More suggestions please.

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