Sunday, May 17, 2015

walk in kew

These pictures are from April 12, and they're pretty nasty - dark and shit. I took them on a walk down Cotham Road, Kew in the evening. April 12 was a Sunday. Cotham Road was closed to traffic for tram track work I think. It wouldn't have been a day to have a heart attack, or maybe it would, I suppose the ambulance could have got to you quicker once it got through the fence. Here is a garden I found interesting. 

 Here is a mansion I found interesting:
 Here is some of that fencing, and the road:
 And more of the same:
 Here are some flats I apparently found interesting:
 Here is someone's attempt to put a paper cup in a rubbish bin, thwarted ironically by the fence:
 I was interested in this because unless I'm wrong (but I guess that qualifier could go in any statement, ever, about one's experience) this building was once Exposure Records, where I bought  lot of records between about 1981 and 1984. Dole cheque put to good use:
 ...And also important in my childhood, the newsagent where I used to get my comics in the early 70s:
 This house is interesting:
 This sculpture by Peter Schipperheyn - well, it's nothing new (it's from 1978 and it's called The Big Walking Stick) but it would seem churlish not to photograph it, on a walk down Cotham Road, right?
 The City of Kew logo. I wish there was still a City of Kew. But there is not.
 The Warm Emorial at Kew Junction. It was getting dark by this time and I ate some dumplings at a dumping establishment.
Ciao, Kew!


Anonymous said...

Re Exposure - when it went broke circa '93 all their vinyl stock was snaffled for re-sale by Forges of Footscray. Strange to get hold of 'I Need Two Heads' among all the discount jocks'n'socks.

From Exposure itself I got a copy of 'Something in Bed' mid '86 - do you remember putting together that little gem? The John Archer cartoon interview's a ripper!

Guy Morton said...

You've mis-labelled the Kew RSL as a house.