Wednesday, April 15, 2015

lorraine crescent ten years ago: 'the thing is I have coffee issues' (15 April 2005)

For some reason I now can't recall, in around 2009 or 2010 I deleted the first few Lorraine Crescent posts from the site; now they're here again in a celebration of the first decade of your favourite blog... stay tuned

I find that when I drink coffee habitually, I become of course edgy and irritable, you expect that, but more annoyingly I (1) get very weary seemingly in proportion to the awakeness of a few hours earlier, and (2) I get very hungry (worst case scenario - I get really hungry for something sugary eg chocolate, which I very rarely crave). Neither of these things are pleasant (edgy and irritable is, of course, a delight). I have also experienced very unpleasant stomach pains, usually not from coffee itself but from its combination with other things eg orange juice. Maybe I should drink them separately (joke). Also - the whole original problem that made me think my excessive coffee consumption wasn't such a great idea - the sensation of having a numb liver. Anyone who hasn't experienced this feeling (as far as I know, I'm the only person who ever has) will find it an unusual idea, after all, who feels their liver most of the time anyway? But oddly enough its numbness is quite noticeable. And, of course, you have to think that really, it can't be good.
It's all very well to say I should give into it, but that presumes two things: one, that I really like it (but in fact I am long past that - I don't get much out of it at all, and find it really easy to resist) and two, that it's a cultural norm that you'd have to be weird to avoid. I'm lucky enough to live in a culture where (within what I consider reason, so I'm lucky in that, too) I can pick and choose which 'norms' I want to take on.

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