Sunday, September 14, 2014


Hi from Mascot. I am getting an early Tiger flight - the first of the day actually - back to Melbourne from Sydney where I cam specifically to attend a wonderful musical event you see advertised above. Sound was great. Bands were spectacular. Venue was tremendous. Food was pretty good too! Drinks were reasonably cheap. Company was very fine.

I have to sort through a hundred really low-quality phone pics, to find you a handful of very low-quality phone pics. But that may not happen till I get back to Melbourne, and since I'm flying Tiger, I may not get back to Melbourne in one piece but many. If so, let it just be said that I had a very vivid and real last day on earth, thank you to all involved, and the new music discoveries of 13 Sept 2014 for me were spectacular, and I would also like to say, look: shizzle is shizzle, and even shizzletacular shizzle doesn't have to shizzle everyone's futz for all time. A bientot!

Too many people sayin' sorry these days. Don't be sorry. You did great to sell out.
 I was just thrilled by the ceiling in the Marrickville Bowling Club, as will be made clear by the following pics.

Below is Jane Grant with a young lady who, if I remember correctly, was called Ari (spelling? not sure). They were talking about the right age to have babies I think.
I don't know these people. They were at the bar. I was just taking this picture thinking, 'this is happening NOW'
This band is called Melon Melon Melon. The man in the short-sleeved shirt is Jack Lee, and while I have never met the woman on the right I believe she is Stephanie. The man in the middle I don't know. They were all great, but it was particularly good when Stephanie got on the drums, she is a great drummer.

 People getting food. Under the amazing ceiling.

The rest of the pictures are interesting to me but so ridiculously dark... I'll chuck a couple in just for, um, what might arguably be called 'interest's sake'.
These are, of course, people watching the band. There was a column to the side of the stage which had a mirror on it and from where I was standing this mirror gave a great insight into what people are like when they are in public, but are relatively unselfconscious and not aware they are visible front-on. I don't know if it's unethical to photograph them. What do you think?  (I took quite a few pics but most didn't turn out)

Below- Dick Diver, who were really great. The girl in the green dress with the brown jacket was way cool and with people she adored.
This guy in the Lobby Loyde t-shirt was singled out for discussion by a number of people. Great idea. I want one.
 Outside at the bowling club, late in the night.

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