Sunday, September 21, 2014

having some work done

I always liked this concrete sewer cover with the old Broadmeadows City Council initials on it, smashed and useless and dangerous as it was. Well, that highlighting suggests to me that its days are numbered, and possibly numbered in less than four figures.
As for whatever's here - a bit of erosion by a kerb I think - it's obviously been given high priority status by someone with some yellow paint and orange plastic fencing material.
Shopping trolley for scale. It was hard to get it into place, and harder to take it back.
 Perhaps the next project will be the big concrete mushroom, who knows.
Barry having a larf. Or as autocorrect says, 'a lard' - cruel.
 The gaily painted, um, sewer thing I suppose.
 What indeed
 This was the burnt patch from earlier this year. It looks almost fine now. Actually it looks like someone was buried there but I doubt they were.
 'Bye Ferdy

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