Monday, April 07, 2014

oak park house

I came across this house in Oak Park yesterday not sure of the street one of the main ones. I was listening to the /filmcast discussing Noah on my iPod while I was photographing it so it was a few seconds before I realised there was someone at my elbow talking to me. It was the woman who lived next door to the house, explaining that the owner had invited local kids to graffiti it because he was going to demolish it anyway and he wanted to encourage local art. She was saying this in such a determined positivistic way I thought there was every chance she was simmering with righteous rage. I asked her whether, as the next door neighbour, she had experienced any antisocial behaviour. Her answer made me appreciate she actually completely condoned this project, along the lines of: 'Oh no, there was no antisocial behaviour at all. The kids were great!'

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