Monday, April 07, 2014

autumnal park

Ferdy jumping out of the lake

When 'the council' (presumably) beat down all the bracken that was covering the Sporting Club's land they piled up quite a bit of detritus in a heap on the side of the hill. Bits of car, vegetation, rocks. Note the greek chorus in the dead branches. 

This (empty) keg is a recent addition. Ferdy was very apprehensive of it. Note his body language. 

To quote Jimmy Webb/Richard Harris, someone left an umbrella stuck in the ground.

You can see the burnt patch on the Gladstone Park side is slowly, slowly becoming less of a burnt patch.

This is the lake bed we were jumping around on only a week or so ago. The water's still very shallow, but it is water (not a tempting mirage).

Ferdy and the bike track, which was created by a meteorite in 1972.

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