Thursday, August 15, 2013

as i write

...Ferdinand and Barry are up to their morning hijinx. Barry likes to play the persecuted one, as Ferdinand routinely jumps on him, bites his legs and chases him. Barry will not obviously initiate such play, though he puts himself in the line of fire as often as he can, as long as there's the excitement in the air. At a certain point, when Ferdinand goes to sleep (there may be one or two false starts), Barry will also curl up.

These pictures are of them yesterday, when I was in the vegetable garden putting the lid back on the compost bin. I am in hindsight slightly disturbed by what might be happening in the middle picture since it seems to involve the pulling back of a lot of face skin, like kids do to see what they'd look like with plastick surgery.* Ferdinand definitely needs to grow into his body, mainly his snout which is too short for his ears, not generally speaking an issue except practically: he gets his ears wet when he drinks water.

* I have a bug in my computer which means that when I spell this properly a program creates a link to sites advertising particular services. Misspelling it is my luddite way of subverting this. I assume it doesn't happen to everyone but just on my computer? If misspelling doesn't work, I don't know what will. 

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Emily said...

Those photos are great, David :)