Tuesday, August 27, 2013

first slug of the year

I know you want to see a picture but just imagine a small black blot. The first slug of the year was on the side of one of the dog's bowls (I'd say 'dogs' bowls' but the bowls are interchangeable and indeed I believe were originally Millie's and Silver's bowls, or at very least Millie's and Charlie's). It would have stretched across a 10c piece, size wise. I put it on the dog food fork but it fell off onto the newspaper where the cats are fed so I ripped the piece of paper off and put it back in the garden. The second slug of the year was very big - maybe the size of my little finger. I stepped on it in the morning when I went to pick up the dog's bowls. I didn't kill it, so I guess either I'm very light or I just didn't put my weight on it much. It moved on.

I just hope they were not the same slug, because then things look grim for this evening.

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