Tuesday, September 03, 2013

hater's going to hate

I stopped hating John Howard the day he lost office. It just went. I also stopped hating Jeff Kennett pretty much once he lost power, though I still think it's an incredible irony that such an abusive person could head a depression organisation (at least, one that wasn't promoting depression). When he made that weird pitch a few years ago suggesting that he would come back to lead the Liberals again, I did start to gear up to hate him a little, so I guess there's residual fear and loathing.

I have hated Tony Abbott a long, long time. But I think I have really not yet begun, and I will know the true depth of my hate in about a week. My one consolation is that a lot more people will be hating Tony Abbott before long. A substantial number of people who vote for him on the weekend will probably hate him all the more for having given him that power.

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