Thursday, October 11, 2012

ugh modern life

Here is an appropriated image of someone touching on, or perhaps touching off, with their Myki Card.

As I may have indicated prior, I am very antipathetic to this system, and am considering Writing A Letter To The Paper about this, although I am well aware of the horror, trauma and distress such rash actions will cause amongst the good burghers of Melbourne.

The other day (Monday) I was on the tram and two helpful Myki people were wandering the tram making sure everyone knew how to use Myki. 'You know you don't need to touch off if your journey is in zone 1', exciting innovations like that, which had all present abuzz. A goggle-eyed Myki person came up to me and asked if I had any questions about Myki. Of course, I have a billion. The main one currently is, if I keep complaining about problems I have with Myki through the official complaints site will my complaints (all legitimate, by the way) be taken more, or less, seriously? i.e. is there a 'serial nuisance' list? I suspect that in fact there are no particular tallies made of kinds of complaints and probably not even any systematic approach to addressing the problems, since it's the whole system that's a problem, and little bandaids on the gaping maw of Myki isn't going to 'myki' a whole lot of difference. Anyway I said:

I know everything there is to know about Myki thank you.

To which goggles got in a huff, saying:

That's sorted then.
Have a nice day.

One thing I know about Myki, which is the last thing I am going to write about here even though I have a list of complaints as long as a long arm, is that when I pay an inflated price to use a ticketing system that doesn't work, one of the things I'm paying for is the people in light blue who go around asking passengers if they have any questions about Myki. I am reminded of the fare evasion campaign (against fare evasion, not for it) run by Connex which suggested that if you were a fare evader you should offer to mow other passengers' lawns. If I don't have any questions about Myki, could I ask the blue Myki people to mow our back yard? After all, I'm paying them even more than fare evaders are paid for by paying passengers.  

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