Sunday, October 21, 2012

world of crap

I have been ill with flu or something for close to two weeks now. That has included three days off work and a Saturday that was also spent in bed. It is one of the grossest illnesses of this type I can remember having, and I have no idea how to make it go away. Waiting it out, which was the first strategy, sure isn't helping. I suppose the devil is to blame.

PS Thank you Robitussin ('Chesty Cough Forte') for four hours of decent sleep. When I awoke all I needed was two different forms of aspirin.

PPS I am perplexed still as to why, as soon as I start moderating comments on this blog, which I have never done before, I am suddenly riddled with comments relating to the sale of ugg boots - I mean probably about 10-15 a day. They are all very polite. 

PPPS While I was waiting for the aspirins to kick in I did a random 'next blog' thing from this one and I found a quite interesting blog which doesn't seem to have been updated for 6 months or so but it's called Guide to Zone 2. I enjoyed it. I thought the author and Nadia were very unfair on Broadmeadows but I would I suppose. 


Anonymous said...

You were sick in Swan Hill. That is a month

Anonymous said...

ditto david, it's wearing my normally ebulant personality down. have you thought it might be psychological? Make an appointment with a shrink or get a full medical test - fasting and a big blood test and see what the results have to say.
stephen cummings

fxh said...

I haven't been back here for yonks.

I'm not sure how to put this but I've never heard anyone ever refer to aspirin as "kicking in" - sheltered life?