Saturday, September 08, 2012

day 17,308

Today I took Mia to the train at Glenroy and figured dropping in at the Glenroy op shops might be fruitful and yes and no. I picked up a couple of nice vinyls at the Vinnies. One was Hans Poulsen's Natural High, which I remember seeing in Tecoma for $20 ten years ago - got it today for $2, so, glad I waited. In nice condition too though it might be a reissue (don't care about those things unless I missed out on a gatefold or something). It's still on the Fable label, however. Also, The Best of the Original Strangers, which has some really cool stuff on it and some very nice playing/arrangements, it's almost all covers (since John Farrar went on to write some huge hits in the 70s, I am not sure when his songwriting blossomed, but whatever, it wasn't blossoming here but other stuff was). I looked them up on the computer and was surprised to discover that all but one of the 'original' (not sure if that includes Farrar) Strangers were from Glenroy...! But the record I was most stoked to find was from the Salvos, the Happyland album, which I had been hoping to come across for years (I'd even looked for that one on eBay periodically). Once again, only $2. And, since it was actually a compact disc, I could enjoy it all the way home - 2 1/2 songs of it anyway.

This was not the limit of my purchasing. Yesterday I observed to Mia that I had seen many many ladies in the last few weeks reading 50 Shades of Grey on the train, and how weird I found it that people were happy to read porn in public. And she said what do you know about it. And I said I've heard a lot about it, it's S&M porn. And she said I was not in a position to judge, considering I actually hadn't read it. She was right.

Also, over the last few days I have been griping about the new Bob Dylan album, reviewed in this morning's paper, a bit played on the radio yesterday, and I griped to Mia about how dreadful it sounded, and she pointed out... I'm not sure, maybe that I should shut up. Before I picked up the Happyland CD I had RRR on (for about two mins) and they played this song off the new BD album about the Titanic. I thought, this is the most tragic shit I have ever heard. If some dunderhead from... Belgrave wrote this song and tried to sing it somewhere they'd be shitcanned (whatever that literally means) offstage before they got to the crap about... well, all of it's crap about something. So I thought I just have to buy this record and face it.

So I went to Broady Plaza and I bought 50 Shades of Grey and the Bob Dylan album whatever it's called. Tempest, Pestilence. A review will follow.

Also, I baked some bread, put out some washing, hung some pictures, that's all that springs to mind.

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