Sunday, September 23, 2012


So I started moderating comments on my blog and I am now fending off about ten advertising comments a day, most of them completely nonsensical. What I don't understand is that changing to 'moderating' comments seems to attract a lot more of these kinds of comments. Doesn't make sense, unless the advertisers are keen for one person (me) to read the comments. Anyway, I just delete them on a regular basis.

Charlie and Barry and I went on an 11 km walk (maybe more) today - is that a long way? I'm not sure. It was more or less the first day of spring, you know, in real terms. It was pretty decent.

I got back from Swan Hill yesterday, which was also extraordinary in lots of ways, but I'll hold off on writing about that for the moment, or in fact probably for ever.

(Later: the comments are flooding my email for moderation, it is dreadful, I don't know who these idiots are). 

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