Wednesday, May 23, 2012

woke up at 4

I don't understand it. This morning and yesterday morning I woke up at 4. Yesterday it was 4 on the dot. Today it was 3:57, which is even more annoying. I hope it's not telepathic empathy with someone close to me (for instance, hitherto unsuspected twin) who is being woken up for his-her medicine in a hospital in Shigatse (yes, my hitherto unsuspected twin is probably of indeterminate gender). I hope the 4 am wakeups are not related to attempts by Robin Gibb to alert me to the fact that my cynical and uncaring attitude to celebrity deaths has become a trending topic in heaven. I suppose 4 is better than 3 (?) but it's bad either way. I think about the last thing I thought when I went to sleep last night was, 'I'm going to wake up too early', which is self-thwarting isn't it.

Hey, at least you and I got to talk.


Leah - Bogue Living said...

i think it's something to do with the road works, my 3yo wakes up every night then lol some sort of sonic boom?

David said...

Could be Leah, they do start early. This morning I woke precisely at 5.

Carysse said...

Yawnz totz.