Monday, May 21, 2012

gets my goat

So yes in my younger years I helped other people make some good records, nothing to be ashamed of. What we never thought of in those days for some reason was the possibility of being constantly hijacked by huge all-consuming trash sorters who would gather up your old muck and pretend it is part of some enormous mosaic of the history of popular music. I was so annoyed by this appropriation of something I played a part in, which I am not unproud of, that I wrote to them and told them to take it down. Their response was that they are not actually offering it for free download. My response was that in that case they should not pretend they are (and they should not attach a bogus pirated blurb above). Their response is yet to come. I am slowly coming to accept that the internet is never going to let you forget anything you ever did, but it does irritate the hell out of me still that the internet allows people to take things you own and use them to paint a false picture. Alright, that has always been possible, but it's the ubiquity of it that aggravates my passions. I will try not to think about it and then one day my feelings will rise to the surface and I will stab an innocent shop clerk.


Petticoats and Chrome said...

... and did they confuse you with your brother?

Anonymous said...


Barry Gibb sole survivor said...

Is Anonymous Jessica Rudd?