Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hi I'm at Sydney Airport about to catch a flight out of um Sydney after a four day event. I am having a second go at my second coffee at the day, the first was at The Hub in Bathurst and I drank about half of it but then the bus came and thought nah I can't do it. I shouldn't do it now (it's late in the day) but I tell you I'm that frazzled. I got the flight time wrong thought it was earlier than it was but it wasn't, so I took a 'tram' (which is what they call their trams here in Sydney, but they're not) to Glebe and walked up Glebe Point Road and had some udon or as they called it in the restaurant U-Don, which wasn't bad but I really felt like it was far too hot, i don't mean the food was too hot, I mean I got very hot eating that U-Don.

Anyway I am about to catch my plane, so if it crashes let's just remember the good times alright. There have been plenty of them and you will have many more, unless my plane crashes into you.

* NB next day note: the plane didn't crash. I sat next to a tall young American man who did some stupid 'logic' puzzles in a little book all the way - I call them stupid because I couldn't work out what on earth they were about - and his young chinless Australian partner. The only time he wasn't doing his logic puzzles was when the two of them were discussing the news which was being shown in the little screens on the seat backs and he was quizzing her about state and federal governors, which he seemed to be confusing with state premiers and prime ministers, and she wasn't helping much, though she did know Quentin Bryce's name, but she also thought Christina Kenneally was the premier of Queensland.


boy moritz said...

I want you to know that I thought the second paragraph was excellent.

jeune r said...

nuh-uh, it is childish and hackneyed.