Friday, January 07, 2011

graham kennedy

Just finishing up reading Graeme Blundell's very fine biography of Graham Kennedy. Hot on the heels of the excellent more recent bio of Gordon Barton (not by Blundell btw). Are all media celebrity successes completely bizarre? And where on earth does this come from, it's extraordinary:


Marshall Stacks said...

outrageous then (not that it would have gone to air) but these days we have survived 7:30pm broadcasts of Charlie Sheen-inspired scripts.

GCK was a true performance genius.

David said...

I agree MS. I think Blundell does a very fine job in the book of describing GK's performative abilities. The lines themselves, usually adlibbed, don't look so fine on the page, but you understand how they worked in the description of their delivery which brings them to life, in fact, more than watching old shows does. For me.