Friday, December 10, 2010

why I'm not going to see the fall tonight

1. Because if someone had said to me, or anyone, the night I first saw the Fall in 1982 at the Seaview Ballroom, 'I'd rather see a band from 28 years ago (i.e. 1954) because they're really happening', we would all say 'that is the worst attitude you could have, new music is where it's at.' And I still believe that.

2. Because all those people, except me and four of the five people who played as The Fall on that night, will be there.

3. Because if it was 'Mark E. Smith and [insert some random band name]' playing, no-one would go; and if it was 'Mark E. Smith and [insert some random band name]' and a promise that 'Mark E. Smith and [insert some random band name]' were going to play a bunch of old Fall songs, some people would feel like someone was trying to pull a con.

4. Because if it is him and my granny on bongos, well, she's dead.

5. Because the new album's not bad. I think I would rather hear the new album.

6. Because I am terrified of the prospect of someone coming up to me and saying 'I knew you'd be here'. (This happens sometimes on the rare occasions I go to reunion/sentimental shows).

7. Because there is literally and conclusively and irrefutably no way it could be a better show than the shows they played in Melbourne in 1982, and I saw (a couple of) those shows.

8. Because even if they play a great show, they're not edgy any more. They're establishment. (I mean, so am I, and I was never even edgy. But the world where it's a statement to like The Fall is long gone. I think the world where it's a statement to like any band is gone. I don't think that really bothers me, either).


dfv said...

It's funny to see you post this. It was incredibly packed and I was getting a drink mid-way when befriended by a huge drunk guy who started talking about when he first heard the Fall "you know Sunday mornings".

The penny dropped that he was talking about your old radio show - which was where I first heard The Man Whose Head Expanded a fair while back.

All but 4 songs were from the last couple of albums so I pretty much knew most of it. I still think you would have enjoyed it - he was pretty slurry / comatose and staggered around a lot, but seemed to loosen up towards the end by which time there was no way I could muscle my way back to my spot. I'll post a few photos over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

I almost talked myself out of going too -"wouldn't cross the street to see 'em" I told myself, but nigh on 48hrs later I'm still buzzing, Chief - here's a man, a band you can believe in! Would love to think you were there but ne'er mind - Gideon Haigh weren't either! Graney and co were were brilliant enough and it was 90% new/newish/newer stuff from the Fall - no sentimental journey. Pavement have broken up and re-formed for the nostalgia circuit while MES has ploughed on regardless ferchrissake! What you saw in MES in '82 still holds true today..... all the best Richard

David said...

I made my choice, and I don't regret it. I am tired of reliving old things.

fxh said...

I never want to relive old times. Well only occasionally. I'm not the me I was then anyway. Its not fair on the performer or audience.

Sometimes I just like to see where people are currently.

Bob Dylan is good like that. Different Bob every night.

David said...

That's what John Peel said about the Fall - always different, always the same. Perhaps that's what bothers me.

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