Saturday, December 04, 2010

i am watching field of dreams

How did I ever avoid this film until tonight? I didn't even know it was on tonight until a couple of hours ago...
'My father's name was John Kinsela?' But that's a well-known Australian poet's name.
This is like a film about baseball or something. I don't have a clue about baseball except what I have gleaned from bits I am not interested about in American drama and comedy.
OK so we just got through the preamble about Kevin Costner's character's life up to the age of 36. Oh my god we have only just begun and already he's heard the voice. I figured there would be a whole lot of background drama first... no... we even got it twice. Lame. He's out in the cornfield and shit... it happened a third time. My first point of interest is how many lights Ray and his family leave on in the house when they're not in it. The second one is he drinks milk, which is something I can never really take when it comes to adult men, but then, I haven't drunk milk since about the time this film was made. He's heard the voice about 5 times now. I am glad I saw this film anyway because I always thought it was 'if you build it they will come', but it's '...he will come.' Are they really listening to the Lovin' Spoonful over dinner? I mean, nice idea, but odd. I guess they're supposed to be sixties people. Shoeless Joe. Who cares.
'I wanna build that field... d'you think I'm crazy?' God that woman's face when she says he should do it! How on earth is it spontaneity to do something a voice tells you to do?
How come the vision was for a baseball field next to the house, but he's demolished the cornfield in some other part of the property?
How on earth is it spontaneity to be obsessed about someone called Shoeless Joe? Is Costner going to get reconciled with his dead father or something? Where did he get the money to do this? 'We used up all our savings on that field, Ray'. What a dork. This film is totally improbable. Is it going to be over in 25 mins? Because he's come. What the hell else happens in this film? Does Ray buy a pony or something?
Now Joe Jackson has shown up, and he's not singing about any dirty martini. This film is so preposterous. I remember when it came out, people used to say it was preposterous, but great nonetheless. I think it might have been too long in my consciousness, so I have no pleasant surprises here, so far it has been pretty much all what everyone said.

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Petticoats and Chrome said...

Although I know people who find that film "inspiring" I could not manage the "leaps of faith" required to render this movie plausible.