Saturday, December 04, 2010


I'm still watching it, though I don't really know why. It did get more interesting once Terence Mann showed up, and really hated Kevin Costner. I would too. What's all this 60s bullshit? I guess I am slightly involved. It only goes for 100 mins or something. But it's been going for an hour right now and it feels like about 7. I'm glad you're experiencing this with me, anyway. Now he's at a game with Mann and something's telling him to 'go the distance' - it's like his inner voice is telling him to hit on Terence Mann and yes, they've left the game to go home. Now I really am wondering why I am continuing to watch this. The one advantage is if I ever mention that cliche about 'if you build it...' I will not have to add that I've never seen the film, and also I now know it's if you build it he will come, not they.
How about this road trip stuff. Moonlight Graham. Minnesota. Shitful music.
It's been a weird few days, Mia and I had to go to Perth for a day for her cousin Penny's funeral, which was a very nice funeral, as funerals go, but of course a very sad occasion. Last night I barely slept and this evening I am presumably quite overtired. I don't know if I can handle The Untouchables (which I've seen before anyway). Oh now KC has gone back in time to a real slick, fiftiesish early 70s. So easy.
Moonlight Graham really did hit on KC. The way he winked and said he was his girlfriend.
Later... interminable film, constant advertisement for a dishwasher featuring a slow-motion collision between two pieces of spaghetti. I mean, scrape your dishes people.

This film goes on F O R E V E R

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