Monday, November 29, 2010

ted the toff

Well I can't see too many happy sides to the outcome of the state election. It is particularly gruelling to me because I so dislike Ted Baillieu's face. I imagine that is not his fault, though it might be the cause of an evil personality, and he could probably grow a beard and cover it up. His planning philosophies are ghastly, unsurprisingly.


iODyne said...

main thing to remember is that he and Brumby were classmates at the grammar school.
From memory, the c.1853 pioneer Baillieu opened a draper shop in Hesse St Queenscliffe and had 14 children. One of those children was successful in the great property boom of 1880's and that's when the cash kicked in. land rats.
The hot daughters and the Prue & Trude wife will be sick of the whole Premier thing by Christmas and just Portsea on and on.

Ann ODyne said...

that Stacks sure gives good comment.
I wonder why Ted's Morning After blue Speedos did not attract the derision that Abbott's red ones inspired.

Petticoats and Chrome said...

Ann, you too give good comment!

David, I think your second label is quite apposite.

Anonymous said...

David how can you & your rat-pack be so outraged by Baillieu? That Stacks does sure give good comment. As if our lives are going to be one jot different under liberal? I mean Justin Madden David. He gives approval for anything moronic - he was/is a TISM fan - in fact i have it on good authority he is the singer in TISM. Look, what's much more interest to your readers is - have you found a good shrink in Jacana yet?

Melbourne MOD said...

re politics 'changing the guard' - I shudder at the huge cost of all the new stationery etc. when there is so little point to the result.

(those commenters O'Dyne and Stacks have greater identity issues than Tara)