Friday, November 12, 2010

i love to argue with a librarian

Particularly when I am right.

I am on the phone to a librarian at one of my own university's branch libraries. She asks me to give her my home number to call me back.

'Is that a Melbourne number?'
'Because it's quite unusual that it starts with an 8.'
'Some Melbourne numbers start with 8. All the University's numbers start with 8.'
'No, that would be a "9"'
'The University of Melbourne's number is 8344 4000.'
'(Silence) alright I'll try and ring you back. '


Ann ODyne said...

she isn't going to like discovering any of the Melbourne post codes which begin with 8.

I guess she is Dewey-fixated.

David Nichols said...

I think the term is dewey-eyed Ann. boom, boom

Ann ODyne said...

You win!
have you seen experienced the Kafka-esque workday had by Love the liberry?

Grogbloggers invite you to the West Richmond Kingston hotel after work on Thurs 18th - we are commemorating Wm Caxton the first blogger. details at my place ... Balcony and Boynton have RSVP'd.

David Nichols said...

Excellent link Ann
I'll see if I can make the Kingston but I might be in Swan Hill. Thanks!