Thursday, November 18, 2010

just a minute

I have been enjoying Just a Minute since I was about 10. The ABC used to play new episodes, they don't anymore but now I can listen to it on Radio 4. I recommend you try. It's a hoot, though I am disturbed by Nicholas Parsons. Can this really be a man of 87? Should I be disturbed or just pleased for him and those around him? Sue Perkins, a person I have only ever experienced via her contribution to BBC radio quiz shows, gives a particularly funny summary of her career in this week's episode too.

When I go OS next year part of my dream during my r&r leave would be to attend a taping of Just a Minute in the UK and one of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me in Chicago. You sort of think these things would never happen but then you remember that you got to see Todd Rundgren in Bristol the last time you went to the UK and he was just starting his first tour in umpteen years... all kinds of things are possible (Buttons).

(Notice on the right I have a link to Dean from Wellington's Just a Minute site - it's also a hoot)


fxh said...

My dream is attend the taping of My Word, with Kenneth Williams, Ann Scot-James,etc or Hancocks Half Hour - I suspect theres not a lot of hope.

Still QI might do at a pinch

David Nichols said...

I didn't know KW was ever on My Word. I have to say I generally have trouble listening to that program, it seems to come from another planet (My Music even more so).

fxh said...

I'm sure you are right and KW wasn't on My Word - I tend to conflate them all as I hear them on RN around 4 or 5 am when I'm half asleep.

I just like people being clever and funny without apology.