Monday, September 06, 2010


It’s been a while so I thought I would say hi. I am at Nila, a restaurant/takeaway in Sydney Road Coburg specializing in Malaysian, Singaporean and South Indian Halal Cuisine. It has been zhuzhied up since I was here last, with elegant arrays of plastic flowers, a new baie marie and better lighting. The staff continues to be friendly and polite and the food delightful and tasty. The place smells nice too, like it is a place which sells spicy and interesting food, which it does. It is warm and there is a rather relentless chanty music playing quietly. There are some signs hanging from the ceiling which are also part of the new d├ęcor and they advertise ‘Best lunch in the town’, this on a sign where I think part of the plexiglass coversheet has not been removed, as the words ‘Transparency, Performance, Functionality… Plexiglass’ are very visible on the sign. At first I thought this was Nila’s mission statement but now I think it’s Plexiglass’s. You can also buy avocado juice here (at $4.95 a glass – not cheap) but I have to say, while I like avocados and have never drunk avocado juice, I do feel it is a juice option that might well make me sick. Instead I am drinking a can of something I bought called Apple Fruit Drink, a product of Malaysia, made by a company called Treefresh. It is not awful. One of the things I most like about the new look Nila is the extensive collections of cutlery on each table, there are 20-30 knives and forks arranged here in containers covered with aluminium foil. All in all I would recommend Nila either for eating in or taking away.

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did you use all the cutlery