Monday, September 27, 2010

weekend of mystery and spookiness

Two things:

1. Both April and Julia Gillard predicted the drawn grand final. I asked April who would win the GF and she said, 'No-one'. It came true. Julia made more of a joke about it being a draw, but spooky anyway.

2. I was talking on the phone with someone about Molly Meldrum's production of The Real Thing, we were trying to figure out what he did in the studio. I said I figured it was probably a case of Molly trying out ideas on the engineer and the engineer advising what was practical. I said I though the engineer was John French (and at the same time I was thinking, or is that Captain Beefheart's drummer's name?). My conversant said 'Yes I've heard that name'. Later I decided it was probably John Sayers not John French. Anyway within hours I was sitting out the back in the same chair as I was when I was on the phone and someone said they'd been reading a book by John French, the drummer in Captain Beefheart's band.

What next! Exciting!!!


Marshall-Stacks said...

"Just spooky possums."
Life seems to have a lot of synchronicity and I commend your daring to log a bit of it.

I also think John French is/was a Melbourne studio vampire.
IF Mr. Meldrum's production had anything to do with oo-mama mau mau, the success of, then why has he not repeated his genius subsequently?

Lindsay Fox suggested that Meldrum would jinx the Saints by painting their colours on his fence, and that if they lost, Fox would demolish said fence.
That will be pretty REAL.

David said...

He did repeat his genius subsequently.

1: I Like it Both Ways by Supernaut
2: Don't Fall In Love by the Ferrets

and more for all I know, he often seems to do his producing pseudonymously.

The third synchronicity: I was pegging a t-shirt on the line from the mother's day breast cancer walk and I went inside and checked my email and there was a message from the organisers of the mother's day breast cancer walk.

Marshall-Stacks said...

My dumb. I really should have been paying more attention to Meldrum, but actually I try hard to not do so.

those synchronicities happen a lot when faffing about blogs and websites too. they are like deja vu's though: one is generally loathe to discuss them, due to the weirding.
My immediate thought on your Tshirt thing, was that I had just read Craig Brown satirising Victoria Beckham asking "why are Tshirts called Tshirts"

(Dail Mail online)

The vibe in Melb on Saturday is going to be Strange.