Friday, January 01, 2010

some of my drawings for record covers, 1986-2010 pt I

Over the centuries I have been asked, but more commonly taken it upon myself, to draw covers for various records. Because this happened again recently I fell to contemplating earlier efforts and scanned some here for you to enjoy.

I am not sure if you'd enjoy this one more or less by the fact that you can barely see it in this image. This is a compilation album called Periscope from 1994 - in fact, I dated it as executed on my 29th birthday. It depicts one creature using another as a periscope by peering into its anus and apparently seeing out the end of its tail. My fond memory relating to this image is that, when it was on sale at (I think I recall this bit right) the Yo Yo A Go Go festival a stall operator witnessed a prospective customer pick up the CD, regard the image and comment to his or herself 'ass-looker'.

This is an early effort also Olympia-related. I was allowed two colours so tried to evoke the feel of the ice cream huts I recalled from early childhood. Calvin Johnson had come up with the term 'lo-fi' and it was a novelty concept you had to think about and deduce as the opposite of hi-fi. This was 1986.

This was a commissioned illustration for an EP released on the Japanese label Clover Records almost a decade ago (the picture is dated 25 April 2001). When I came across this I couldn't remember it at all, it's called Melbourne Holiday. I tried to find a picture of the record online and what I found suggests the illustration was not used. Clearly I put a lot of work into it but it is arguably not really on topic, though presumably I was asked to do whatever I felt like.

This is the cover of the Huon single 'Fluoro'. This was a single from an LP released roughly at the same time and the two were conceptually related, but it's too big to scan.

This is one side of the single. I was about to say I couldn't imagine why I'd chosen the Chrissie Amphlett reference then I got it. Fluoro. Very clever.

Another rejected design, which is a shame because it was for one of my favourite bands. This time I did get a reason for the rejection: 'Mark didn't like it'. Though the person who relayed this was, by the way, the most amazing liar I have ever met, so who really knows. This isn't a great cover but what was used instead was gross and banal.


Bill said...

John Henderson - who is he now?

tboy donutt said...

Love 'em! Graphic Novel please or coffee table-type compendium.

John Porcellino said...

Dirty on the Shovel!