Tuesday, April 01, 2008

tactics friday night

All who know me know how I hate reunions but I kind of felt being such a Tactics fan I couldn't really miss this one, and I didn't, and it was pretty good. The drummer (a new person - why are the drummers always new people in reunions?) was excellent, and the songs were very well done. Studdert is looking well (no reason why he shouldn't) though I thought those trousers were just dreadful. There was one song that messed up a bit - one of the galloping ones (not 'Coalface', maybe 'Comittee of Love'?) but it doesn't matter a bit. This was an occasion when you realise the music that doesn't exist anymor in the day-to-day (except on records) and what we're missing.


dfv said...

I really enjoyed this show and was surprised at the small turnout. Dave was engaging and candid, and it was just fun all round. The female organist was a picture of intense awkwardness, but was a warm personality nonetheless. I didn't realise that Dave lives in London now, so a repeat show is unlikely.

I danced a lot, but then again, I'd had a few warm-up drinks.

Julian didn't look too excited by it all though. I didn't think you enjoyed it much either, so I was surprised by your positive post :)

David said...

Oh I had a great time. See the way I spelt anymore? Just dropped an e.

Michael said...

I'm very glad you reviewed this and reminded me that they are touring, because the little beer-coaster shaped thing advertising the shows that I picked up in Newtown last week didn't do the trick at all, it's just been lolling around on the floor of my car.