Friday, October 12, 2007

what people are searching for when they land here

Alright ignore my comment on the previous post. I figured out how to find out what people are looking for when they end up here. Some examples:

'You are scraping through'
'Trippy tree drawing' (post in question was about a tree drawing, not a trippy one)
'what would be the first day of winter in Australia' (?? the day when the water in the plughole changes direction?)
'mum the good old days' (good luck - sob)
'put you finger in the dyke' (no, you put you finger in first)
'fuck john howard' (high concept)
'blowfly disco'
'the character cartier in neighbours'
'warwick thai sydney road'
'melbourne royal dog show 2007'
'phallophilia' (a word I was sure I'd never used or even heard before, but it looks like I did!)


Kirsty said...

So, who is the Neighbour's psychopath? I keep reading about it in TV Week but I don't know. Do you have an inkling?

David said...

They have a psychopath? I hadn't noticed. I guess it's Susan.

David said...

Here are a few more recent ones:

Hello This Is Joannie (The Telephone Answering Machine Song)

restaurant jon michell

most amazing concrete structures

58 lorraine crescent broadmeadows

penthouse sweet

My Chemist Rundle Mall 100 Rundle Mall ADELAIDE photo

Anonymous said...

i got here by googling Shane Moritz, found the story about the abduction (yes you should have gone to the police). I wonder if you still have the studded wristband? I'm considering a 'punk phase' in 2008. I'll trade you a photo of Greg wearing one (and a home-made God Save The Queen t-shirt) in 1980