Saturday, October 27, 2007

if life were a musical

mine would be pretty sonorous at the moment. From where I sit I can hear Mia doing something with a saw out the back. I should do something? Well I offered but obviously I don't really want to that much. I have nearly finished reading Suzi Quatro's autobiography (is this her second?) and Mia and I are both reading Madame Bovary which is yeh not bad. My friend Saul perfected a way of saying 'not bad' that sounded like 'knobhead' and that was pretty good. It was the seventies. Speaking of the seventies, fuckin' Facebook... never thought they'd perfect anything above myspace for putting you in touch with (or potentially in touch with) people you didn't need to be in touch with... christ. And of course even a straightforward statement like that is a minefield.

It is my grandmother Mavis's 98th tomorrow and my niece Niamh's 2nd, so, together 100. It's my father's next week (69) and Mia's too (35, but that's not old by the way). I assume there is a crash-through point where you stop going on about how old everyone is, and how you used to think they were old and now you realise they weren't but are now... I went through the ARIA nominations this morning and there were about 3 acts I'd never heard of, a couple I'd heard of but never heard, and a couple of records I knew and liked... Silverchair and Powderfinger (actually that's far from their best album), Operator Please and Architecture in Helsinki. I bet I'd like Gotye if I ever heard him/them/it. Anyway, that's no sign of age, really, even when I was working at Smash Hits there were a lot of records and groups who meant nothing whatsoever to me and I was being paid then for them to mean something. Should I give some of my wages back?

I added some good links at the right there to other blogs/etc I recommend. I took Prawnwarp off because I think it's kind of died. I'm into pruning right now. Other things I'm into:

seaside daisies
promoting myself
flaxseed oil
gankok bulbogi or whatever it's called
the jammed
the believer


lucy tartan said...

Nannygoat Hill is where (prawnwarp) shifted his blog to.

David said...

check. not much happening there either though

mike said...

*cough* thanks lucy. NGH went quiet while I was on holidays in the UK, but I'm back now.

If life were a musical, my Dad would probably say things like "I can't stand those drama films where people don't burst into song all the time, they're so unrealistic".

David said...

No doubt

Bette Davis said...

I'm doing a Disney movie with Potsie and Richie? Oh brother!

Blackwell said...

Hmmm, the other newish layout was much easier on the eyes

Mister Bob said...

So no more postings? Just new layouts.

The blue one was infinitely better than this khaki number.

David said...

(barked) 'fuck!'