Sunday, July 08, 2007

smoking ban in bars, clubs and venues: one man's second opinion

My first thought on entering the Cobra Bar (atop the Tote) last night was, why does it stink like that. Opinions of a few fellow patrons were that it was because there was no smoking smell to cover it up. I saw two people spilling entire beers on the carpet, which made me think well there's certainly a lot of rotten old beer in the carpet, for one. Later at the Corner discussing this I received an opinion that it was actually BO (hey, isn't that pheronomes?) but knowing as I do BO is entirely a construct of the soap industry in the 1930s I can only accept that as culturally a valid opinion.

Pink Stainless Tail were playing and a really good band with Tim in them whose name I didn't catch. Tim did a good impression of the chef who usedta be in Sesame Street who would fall down the stairs with all those cream pies, ie he was dropping sticks at a rate of knots but unlike the aforementioned guy he did it with aplomb and picked them up a lot while also adjusting his mike. Well done. Pink Stainless Tail with Chris Hughes = one of the best of their shows I ever seen.

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