Friday, July 20, 2007

kensington nitelighf

Larst night my old lady and I went to Kensington for our cheap frills, and had a very pleasing dinner at Sori Cafe, the well-known Korean-Japanese cafe in, er, Kensington. I can't recall the name of the dish I got but it was kind of baked with rice and vegetables on top. And I had a Cass, Mia had an Asahi. We were too full for dessert but oddly when we went next door to the White Rabbit Record Bar ( we found our cocktail spaces weren't empty. White Rabbit always confused me, unti last night. I used to think it was actually a record shop, then I decided it was a bar, now I appreciate it is actually both. The music they played was excellent; I have no idea what it was. I said to Mia we should come here every Friday PM on our way home (as it is on a train stop on our way home). I couldn't hear her response. When we got home she put her scarf on Millie which looked tres chic.

Speaking of stuff, Asha and Bela are now getting on like a house on fire, with all that that metaphor might entail. I was just saying to Asha how Bela had never had a friend before, because of his personality. I suppose Asha was the same but more due to circumstances.

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