Wednesday, June 27, 2007

terrible picture of new cat

Well, the new cat in the house is a hit with everyone except Bela, who just hisses at her. She is unbelievably friendly and keen to spend time with people, and she is a very attractive personality as well as looking rather nice too. Pictures of course do not do her justice, but a kitten is hard to photograph at the best of times, which I suppose is why most of the posed ones in cutesy photos are actually stuffed.

Her name is either Asha or Asher, depending on whether it's spelt the first or second way.

My cold has taken up permanent residence in me and refuses to go. I tried to say I choose what diseases I harbour and the circumstances in which they come but apparently I have many undefended boundaries. Bummer.


ab said...

What was the play that you saw on Saturday?

David said...

The Pillowman. Don't wanna talk about it!

Kirsty said...

Ha! It won't be long before you're Friday cat blogging and making lolcatz with the best of the cat people.

David said...

Best, worst... we're all doomed