Thursday, June 21, 2007

the ague

I have a cold. I had to admit to this a couple of days ago after denying it entirely Saturday-Sunday-Monday. Now I admit it, I have to own it but it still sucks. This morning I awoke at 4am and I am still awake and shall be until at least 11 tonight. Very busy day, in fact the busy-ness of the week was one reason I could not believe I had a cold - usually I make time. Anyway, so far it's fairly mild I suppose and I have to admit I quite enjoy pseudoethedrine, it makes me feel like Michael Brissenden looks.

In other news, I managed to get some lapsan souchong from the tea specialist at the QV, it's mild unlike the Twinings teabags, though it smells more than the teabags. I seem to have developed a crush on lapsan souchong the week Twinings decided to stop making it any more, cuz you can't get it at any coles or safeway as far as I can see, though I did manage to buy some in woolworths near Kalamunda when I was in WA the week before last. I dunno.


Kathryn said...

I've been addicted to LS for about 4 years now - cannot have a reasonable start to the day without it. (I first tried it in Canberra about 15 years ago, but didn't appreciate at the time how damned gorgeous it was.) Clipper makes a fantastic organic fairtrade LS that you can buy as leaf tea in very stylish packaging - but (a) it's quite expensive and (b) it's really hard to get - try a really good organics shop. I haven't been able to find it here in Perth for about a year. I'm currently (literally, right now) drinking a fancy shmancy English LS, bought as leaf tea, which I got for half price at Ogilvie's cafe because it was past its use-by. Can't remember the brand name, but if they have any more, I'll send you some.

Kathryn said...

PS: Get well soon, and also I think Twinings still make it but they've changed their packaging from the plastic-wrapping around plain burgundy teabags to a shiny cardboard box in sort of rose and deep pink (with matching fancily wrapped teabags inside). Schneaky.

David said...

Canberra - of course! I should have known that if anyone I knew would be into LS it would be you Kathryn.

The Twinings range in the aisles I have visited lately have been lacking sorely in any LS at all, though there have been insane amounts of gross sounding infusions (earl gray and honeyed ham anyone? no? good because I made it up) instead. It's like when the breadmaker came into being and suddenly all the normal baking things, like any kind of flour other than self-raising and plain, disappeared off the shelves in favour of MIXES. Modern life is just mixes and infusions. Well I'm glad I only have fifty more years on earth.