Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Well I have about 500 oblique and in-need-of-explaining photographs of recent travels to Canberra and Perth (not to mention Rotto) from not only brilliant mobile phone technology (the newest thing apparently is a 'home phone' that stays in your house with a 'land line') but also a camera. But how many dagged out photographs on the web does anyone really need to see. Suffice it to say overall, with the various stresses (how do you turn off the high beams in an alpha? How do you stop someone from putting 'oftquoted' down as a word in scrabble? No coffee pot!? Or, going way back, over-officious copyright nazis in the library?! A cranky taxi driver who thinks you're trying to rip him off by guessing the taxi fare from Tulla as $10 (it was actually 12)?) I had a blast.


mp-w said...

It needs to see more "dagged out photographs" than zero. Bring 'em on.

David said...

Later (said: 'lader')