Friday, January 27, 2006

teenage rampage

I posted a while ago about Charlie's cute habit of loving being on the ledge at the back of the lower part of our back garden, her favourite way of engaging with people. Of course it is utterly all about power, and her power trip is getting worse all the time, frankly. She is barking and growling a lot particularly at Millie and insisting on sniffing Millie's arse which Millie tolerates presumably because she is getting a message across. This morning I challenged Charlie a bit and held her down which I believe is something they understand as a message along the lines of you're not such hot shit. Mia came out and gave them crusts, which might have sent a mixed message but after she'd eaten her crust Charlie came back and lay down in the same place, presumably so I could continue with the lesson.

Last night we went and saw Walk the Line which I really enjoyed, without any preconceptions whatsoever. It is apparently based on the two Cash autobiographies and is almost impressionistic in the way that associated characters (I'm thinking particularly of June Carter's husbands prior to JC) barely exist, or one groupie is, I assume, made to stand in for many. But I have to say that Joaquin Phoenix is wonderful as JC and a lot of the music is excellent. I wish it had gone up to the end of JC's life because why not? But I guess then it would have become all about the prosthetics.

There were 6 people in the cinema at Broadmeadows Hoyts for this film's opening night there. The cinema foyer was packed, however, with people who had come to see a Turkish film screening elsewhere in the complex. I had never seen that place so busy.

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boy said...

Appalled you didn't mention Reese Witherspoon, she won the Golden Globe after all.