Thursday, January 12, 2006

current neighbours events

Everyone is very excited about bad Harold, and I particularly like it when you can hear what he's thinking, although it's rather basic and mechanistic. I would like to hear it in Harold's real voice. Speaking of mechanistic when he called Paul up on the phone and threatened him, it was amazing how a handkerchief over the telephone seemed to be all it took to apply an 'international robots' kind of effect to his voice. But it was great anyway.

Steph's cancer - first of all, you start to wonder about a street of 8 houses where two people get awful cancer within weeks of each other. Alex only got the cancer that claimed his life after he started paying Susan visits. Now, admittedly Steph's cancer seems to be related to that awful motorbike accident she had (i.e. it's a direct result of her tomboyishness going on leather dyke) but of course she is also most of the time at Ramsay St too. So what's it all about? Living in Ramsay Street, for all its community good vibes benefits, is a bit of a bringdown in terms of the very high death rate, not just cancer.

The Dylan - Paul - Kim triangle. I have to say I am quite a fan of Kim, I identify with him a lot despite having absolutely nothing in common with him. Watching Neighbours last night with Chrissie G was pretty disturbing as he had a more intimate response than I do to some of the females on the show. I imagine he identifies with Kim a bit as well.

Boyd the apprentice doctor - give me a break. I mean that is so unrealistic. And Jenae thinking that George Clooney was really a doctor is a bit out of character for her. She's supposed to be perhaps a little rough around the edges, that's fine, but the Timminses are meant to be cynical as well as uneducated. It would be more in character for her to talk about getting vd off a toilet seat or something.

The gay subtext to Conor and Toadie - I am pretty unsure about this. Toadie knew Conor had been in the House of Trouser because he smelt Conor's recently emitted fart. I think the Neighbours people should have a bit more of a think about this before they go further down this road.

Susan's instant family - I guess I can accept the Rachel - Zeke entry into Susan's life, Alex as a deux ex machina, but I am uncertain why their older sister Katya (or is it Cartier?) is distinctly part-Asian, but they are not. Did I miss something here?

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Anonymous said...

I think that last year there was some talk about Katya looking like dead mother Kinski.

Don't tell Toady but Connor is leaving Ramsay Street.