Saturday, January 25, 2014

jacana reserve

Activities in the Jacana Reserve the last few weeks have been a little disturbing. It's probably a minor thing but I'm still concerned: the removal of the fence that separated firstly the Jacana Reserve from the property owned by the Sports Club (both areas were completely open otherwise) and the removal of the fence that separated the Reserve from Moonee Ponds Creek. Sure, sure, no reason to fear this change per se (except that it makes it even easier for trailbike riders to burl through wherever/whenever) but it does seem odd - a year ago the area was OVERfenced (around where the Western Ring Road upgrade was going on) now it's an unmitigated plain. 

Then there's the burning business. Firstly, a new patch of burnt grass area by the creek - this has happened sometime in the last two days. 

And seems somehow connected to the car body which sat in the creek for a month before being towed out, to a spot about 250m away, and set on fire. But I'm pretty sure that the patch by the creek is newly burnt, not directly connected to the burning of the car. 

This booklet was in the grass and I think somehow had been in the car (before it was burnt, obviously).
Broken glass from the route the car took between the creek and its burning place.
Where the car had been previously, for about a month.
Shortly after this we saw a red bellied black snake just hanging by the creek edge (thought it was a bike tire, then thought it was dead, then it started moving). This was the first time I've seen a snake in the park though Mia has seen them before. Freaked me out. Luckily the dogs were sufficiently attuned to my fright to take notice and steer clear. It's funny also what seeing a snake will do to your brain. For instance, about twenty minutes later I saw a gumleaf twist in the wind and that part of my brain was activated that warned me about snakes.

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