Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the original odd couple

With Butterball and Bela, it's all about position, position. Butterball HATES encountering Bela at the front door, and will leap over him if he is going out when Bela's coming in, that's a graceful move, but he will also otherwise hold back until Bela is out of the way, and I know why, because Bela will viciously swipe at Butterball if Butterball deigns to walk alongside him. But the rest of the time they just hang out in the garden together like a couple of parked cars each under a different rosebush, unless Butterball does this weird thing he's been doing the last couple of weeks of sitting on the side of the small hill in the next door garden, so he is diagonal, facing upwards of course.* He does that a lot and seems not to care it looks strange. Anyway, this is them last night in the bathroom.

* 12 March 2013, here he is doing it. I realise you can't actually see him so just trust me. 

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