Friday, July 13, 2012


Today I was at B'meadows station and there were people in Myki shirts with Myki pamphlets. As I swiped my Myki card on the Myki card reader one of the Myki men said to me

MM: How are you liking Myki?
ME: Well, I don't love it.
MM: Don't love it... so you don't hate it?
ME: Sometimes I hate it.
[Silence, mexican stand off for a second until our eyes disengage and I walk off down the platform, during which:]
MM [thinks]: I don't care about Myki. You don't care about Myki. At least give me some acknowledgement that I am a human being, and we are having a conversation. Use some of those ordinary conversational tropes we white men use and give out a little bit of karma, so it's not just all about Myki and what a terrible system it is.
ME [thinks]: I fuckin' hate Myki, when it comes down to it. I would really like to make the idiot who invented this terrible, unworkable system eat Myki cards till they shit Myki cards. 


Anonymous said...

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David said...

I'm glad it's not an advertisement

boy moritz said...

good stuff. tell your wife thanks for the tee shirt. wait, forget it, I'll tell her myself!!!