Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ho hum the media is tedia

Not really, I'm loving it. Back in 2012 once again, don't be confused by these 'a year ago' posts. I have been in the media a fair bit in the last week, via the University's media unit, I assume because the people who are normally asked for comment are out of town or otherwise sensibly away from their desks. But I am enjoying it. It is, as you can well imagine, also always very interesting to see who watched commercial television news/current affairs - not the people you'd imagine (but they do always say 'I honestly never watch A Current Affair but I saw you...'). I mean I believe them. These things happen for a reason.

So, I was on ACA last week (more about that topic later today or tomorrow) and two newses on Monday. The Monday was about Robert Doyle's pronouncement on the front of the Age about city eyesores that megarich developers were sitting on for the time being. I met the news crews at the Savoy Inn in Spencer St and answered a few questions from my professional standpoint. The weirdest thing about doing this is that you talk to them for 5 mins with the very clear knowledge that they will probably use a sentence, at most. I don't object to that per se, but my mind is always running in the background 'is that the bit they'll use?' of course I can't know because I don't know what other people have said.

Anyway, I was at the Savoy a few minutes early and had a look around it. I was surprised to discover that this building, which is a pub from I guess the early to mid-70s which has been empty since the mid-1990s, is actually a platform over a car park. I'd love to see inside it again.

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