Saturday, June 16, 2012

a year ago today: publicity for the bogan delusion

There is probably a peak then a trough. I certainly started in a trough with my publicity tour and may have peaked earlier this week when I did a very confident, forthright interview with ABC Adelaide drivetime presenter Carole Whitelock. Tonight when I go on John Saffran's show, well who knows, that might be the start of the trough. I felt comfortable with Carole who was a smart, well-spoken intelligent woman who I think was slightly excitedly indignant when I used the word 'dickhead' ('will the South Australian listenership tolerate this???' she may have been wondering.) Saffran is really smart and abrasive, and I have been so lucky up till now with the media someone surely is going to thump me sometime soon. OK well we'll see.

Last night I was at the Trades Hall giving a talk, which I wrote specially and read, all 16 pages of it, to a capacity crowd... whatever I was going to say there I have forgotten I just got a phone call from my publisher Martin to say that they had nearly run out of the first run in the warehouse and they may be going for a reprint. I love being reprinted. I also love being translated into Italian, I suppose that'll only ever happen once.

My future goals for this book are (1) to use it as a springboard to write another, on a related urban theme but from a different direction (2) to do an updated version of the same, perhaps in a year or so incorporating all the hostile and not necessarily all that hostile responses from the gen pub (3) to go on BBC Radio 4's Thinking Allowed and be interviewed by the delightful Laurie Taylor. I have sent him a book and a nice letter and I really hope that last bit happens.


Marshall Stacks said...

firstly congratulations on sales, and second - what is Italian for 'bogan'?

that UK CHAVS book went to a second printing with the cover changed to an image of a Burberrry cap.
ex-Hackney girl
That's So Pants blogger informs me that the chav/Burberry connection is solely because the factory seconds outlet is located there. Most high-end brands avoid that by having supervised burning of unsold product.
wishing you even greater success.

David said...

In answer to your question MS:


Unknown said...

Hey David, how goes it? Guess what, I'm teaching Australian Writing and Cultural Change and one of our weeks is Bogan Week and Chopper Read's #2 book and so your Bogan Delusion is coming up all the time. Fascinating area. Playing Barnesy clips in class has a weird clangor ... Coffee soon I hope. I'll even come to Broadie if you're off uni! Madly marking ... xJen