Friday, March 23, 2012

neighbours 2012

It took an age for me to get home this evening, I am not sure why but I suppose I am just really run down. And this is only a third of the way through the semester! I rode the usual way - up the Upfield bike path, across to Pascoe Vale station down O'Hea street, and a train came almost immediately. But the ride was like a dream where you're running through mud. Also it rained a bit which was kind of shit but I coped with that.

I hadn't watched Neighbours for quite some time but once again it was easy to pick up what had been going on, and things I had seen the week before last were still in the 'previously' segment.

Over the last month everyone's been getting these megacolds. I hope I don't but I bet I will, it's just a matter of when. This evening seemed like it might be a forerunner to that but Fridays are always hugely stressful and wearying. Also, it's kind of very warm when the sun's out, and then suddenly it's raining and none of this is really good for health ultimately.

Bela and Butterball are angling to go outside, but it's not going to happen for either of them. Cats should not go outside in the dark, especially as they clearly so much want to. Instead they just get to fight and fight in the house. I am uncertain about whether I should put the heater on or not! Strange time of year.

Tash is so angry with Michael she seems to have added about ten years to her age, and he has lost about ten years. They could be brother and sister. Agewise I mean, not like they look like each other, although they are father and daughter ay.

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