Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I found the criminal

Well, I keep going to Yahoo to get to images because I'm doing a lecture on mediaeval cities today, and I keep thinking, 'wow, that's a lame image' for the story of the bescarred abductor. But very sinister, you know - a man with some children, obviously up to no good.

Then I'm looking at a website about the mediaeval wall of Talinn, and what do I see... IT'S HIM!

Call the cops


Marshall Stacks said...

both images are creepy.
my friend went to walled Carcassone - is that medieval? I would think the main aspect of a medieval city would be the fence to keep out threats, perceived and real.

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David said...

I am already facebook friends with D Pepperell the difference being I've never met him! I met you around thirty years ago. I was surprised when you defriended me and naively thought it was an error! But I certainly bear no grudge - the whole thing is dodgy, I am aware of that.