Wednesday, September 28, 2011

potato synonyms

'The report of the Potato Synonym Committee of the National Institute of Agricultural Botany for 1937 shows that as a result of their activities the offering of synonyms in the largest seedsmen's catalogues has now been practically eliminated.

'Two synonyms, however, namely Cherub and Lord Allendale, which were found to be identical with Duke of York and King Edward (red type) respectively, when grown at Ormskirk last year, are again being offered for sale this year. Apart from these, Midlothian Early, Sir John Llewellyn and Factor as still found in some catalogues. It is hoped that seedsmen will make it clear that they are identical with Duke of York, Eclipse and Up-to-Date.

'Dr. Salaman and his Committee are to be congratulated on the outcome of their work which they have carried out so well for many years.'

National Allotments Journal: Official Organ of the National Allotments Society, Limited No. 35 Spring 1938 p. 23


Anthony said...


I gather the Dr Salaman referred to is Redcliffe Salaman, author of "The History and Social Influence of the Potato" (1949)

David said...

None other