Wednesday, August 03, 2011

money shot

Hey, I don't want this to become either the blog of Angry of Broadmeadows or the blog of man who asks the inappropriate questions all the time however uncomfortable they make everyone else feel. I don't even think these images (from an animated online ad for ANZ) are intended to be pornographic, despite the sensational title I used for this post, which I will probably come to regret (not because anything bad will happen, just because I have never been any good at titles. Or endings. Great at the inbetween though you'll surely agree).

I just wonder why the pelvis of this cartoon troll girl is being thrust so undeniably and repeatedly at the viewer, and what the advertisers' psychological tactic is here. Are we supposed to think 'if I don't keep my financial affairs in order, my children will end up in some parents' worst nightmare of fear and degradation, including becoming in some way sexually exploited'? Or are we supposed to think, 'my daughter's procreative abilities are the future of my genetic line and must be kept comfortable until successful reproduction'? You tell me, I'm no good at answers, only at asking questions.

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Ann O'Dyne said...

I worked for an advertising agency decades ago, where 2 of the principals were obsessed with er0tica, and they would have referred to this campaign as 'Let's see if we slip this past The Client'.
subliminal is illegal ... somewhere.