Monday, September 14, 2009

hangover sunday

Well I would like to say I ‘tied one on’ on Saturday night except for two things, one, that I don’t really know what that literally means and two, while I don’t know what that literally means I’m fairly sure it means something active rather than passive i.e. the enjoyment of alcohol and social frolic, rather than getting hammered almost immediately and spending a lot of time lying in one of inner Melbourne’s many picturesque and iconic bluestone back lanes. So there you go, there’s life in the old dog yet eh and he knows how to tie one on, or rather, he drank a huge amount of whisky without really realising how much he was drinking, and he threw up all the way home. And a lot of the next day too. It was an unpleasant hangover but far from the worst I’ve ever had, and those always made me say I’d never drink again, so this one won’t even do that, so it probably doesn’t amount to much really. Barely worth mentioning when it comes down to it.

Having a hangover for me is a bit like having a forced holiday through mundane illness. I know I can’t do anything really so I just muddle along reading for pleasure and not feeling guilty about it. Today I read bits and pieces of music books (including dipping in, yet again, to Robert Lurie’s very interesting Steve Kilbey book) and also volume 3 of the complete Little Orphan Annie which I bought with my stimulus package money a month or so ago but which has been slow going. It’s classic LOA years – 1930-31 but while I looked through it to see I hadn’t read it before I was annoyed to find that a big slab of it, where Daddy Warbucks crashes his truck and goes blind, has been included in some other comics collection I have, so I am familiar with it. Still this is a better reproduction and has some really nice colour strips I hadn’t seen before, interesting particularly where Annie persuades local business to put playgrounds for children on rooftops.

Yesterday I bought a classic Bluey in an op shop it was twenty bucks but worth it I reckon. Also I was pleased to purchase this cup:

Congratulate me, I did well.

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