Wednesday, September 09, 2009

be grateful

While listening to one of the funniest Just a Minutes for a long time I put an eraser on Asha's back three or four times with comic responses from her each time - confusion, unable to locate it visually, then inability to realise that gravity would rid her of the burden if she only tipped a little way one way or the other. The payoff was she finally grabbed it between bared teeth and dropped it on the floor. Just be grateful I did not video this and put it on YouTube and get 7 000 000 hits.


Bwca Brownie said...

your teasing of a creature for your own amusement is about one degree better than bogans who microwave kittens.
I won't mind if you ignore my mess&noise friend request until you improve your ability to co-exist peacefully with fauna.

and it's world literacy day

David said...

I treasure that one degree.

Avenger of Teased Cats said...

Go for two degrees and have twice the treasure.