Wednesday, December 20, 2006

charles schulz was on the money

At least I do recall a Peanuts strip in which Snoopy became unfeasibly relaxed... as Charlie is here. I am still having trouble sleeping, but looking forward very much to the end of the week, year, etc. Did some Christmas shopping which was not soothing at all. JB had a Stones live concert from last year or recently anyway playing full bore at the doorway and it wasn't pleasant. Inside they were playing Prince which was slightly more pleasant (come to think of it, weren't they playing Prince in the cafe at the student union? Yes, yes they were).

I had an awkward conversation with the youngster at the counter re: my pink credit card, which Mia has made me self-conscious about. I was sort of saying I was surprise by it when it came in the mail, suggesting I found it a little de trop, he was sort of praising it I think. But all these conversations are split-seconders not worth analysing, ay.


ab said...

You forgot to add pops as one of your labels.

Please tell me more about pink credit card. Visa, Amex, Mastercard. Is it hot pink or marshmallow pink?

David said...

It is hot pink, with a little dog on it.

ab said...

A chihuahua? How darling. Have a cool yule. A given with such a special card.

Meredith Jones said...

Not worth analysing, perhaps, but certainly worth relaying, thank you - these tidbits are so pleasurable.