Monday, November 07, 2005

spiderbait show

I got freebies to the Spiderbait show but Mia was out of VCA by 6 so we had to fill in some time particularly if we wanted to avoid the Spazzys so we had dinner at that excellent Vietnamese restaurant in Lygon St then a glass of wine at Jimmy Watson's then went to see Little Fish, which was a terriffic film frankly, and then we took the tram to Flinders Street and the Forum was closed - we'd missed everything.

I am planning on trying for freebies to Stevie Nicks later in the month and hopefully we can replicate this type of scenario.


Gold dust woman said...

Please do not miss the Stevie show because I want to hear all about it without having to endure it.

Ginger said...

This reminds me of when my best friend Kazza and I went to see Beck a couple of years ago. I was in charge of buying the tickets, and did so, then we got all excited and turned up and when they looked at our tickets they said "These are for last night." They were, like, $70 each.

It had a nice symmetry about it really because a couple of years earlier she bought me a ticket to see Max Gillies satire thing he does at the Opera House at the same time my boss went overseas and I was running a whole business and slept through all her phone calls reminding me to come, then the event itself, then all the phone calls telling me what a drongo I was.

However we are still friends.